FAQ about TENS neck massager
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QCan neck massager be used in menstruation?

A Do not recommend to use, so as not to affect the normal menstrual cycle and menstrual volume.

QCan massager be used by the elderly with a history of heart surgery?

A It is not recommended.For the elderly with a history of heart surgery, massage should be conducted under the guidance of   the doctor, so as not to cause discomfort due to improper massage.

Q Is it safe to massage with this product?Will it hurt people?

A:     Security.The rated voltage is 5V, far lower than the international safety voltage standard 36V, so weak pulse current will not cause harm to human body, you can rest assured to use.

Q Generally speaking, how many times a day can you use it?What are the negative effects of overuse?

A  It is recommended to use no more than 2 pulse electric massage a day, hot compress may not be restricted.Use for too long can lead to excessive massage, muscle fatigue, pain and weakness and other symptoms may occur.

QCan it treat cervical spondylosis really?

ALong-term use of our neck massager can prevent and regulate cervical spondylosis.

QIs there radiation from massager?

A:Tens neck massager is strictly in accordance with the national first level standards (safety standards, no impact on human body), please rest assured to use.

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